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Affordable Express

Legal Document Assistance and Mediation Services

(Santa Clara County LDA#098)

Simplifying the Court System with Low Prices and Quality Service


Our Services

Expertise. Hassle-free. Dependable. Quality.

We are on a mission to provide legal document assistance to individuals and small companies with lower prices, FREE 30-minute initial consultations, and fast service, we are meeting our customer needs at every level!

Finance Consultancy
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Family Law and Mediation

Family law deals with the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of relationships between individuals are created by genetic relationship, marriage, and other legally recognized ways of forming a family.

Estate Planning and Wills

We can help you draft your will, a living will, a financial power of attorney, and a final arrangements document, each tailored to your particular needs.  We can provide everything you need to know about estate planning, including trusts, and financial and healthcare management.


Losing a loved one is a sad and difficult time for family, relatives, and friends. We work to take the stress out of the process in ensuring that property that a person leaves behind when they die is properly given to their descendants.

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About Us

Founded in San Jose, Calif., Affordable Express LDA has broadened its services to include reflecting the needs of customers. Our department provides value by taking the hassle out of the legal system.

Affordable Express LDA is a member of CLC Legal, California Legal Document Assistants (CALDA), Dispute Resolution Program of Santa Clara County, & Better Business Bureau.  Affordable Express LDA is licensed, bonded & insured for your comfort.

Our President and Senior LDA, Toni Greene, has this to say,. "At Affordable Express, it is not enough to meet our customers' expectations, we strive to exceed our customer's expectations!"

On the Phone


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" LDA Service is a tremendous  for seniors and a great service to the community"

Kris Michaels

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"You helped me gain a settlement of $120,000 for the price of less than $900 -- an outstanding return on my investment!"

Frankie Bolder

Senior Man

"Affordable [Express LDA] took two weeks to accomplish what I had been trying for two years!"

Quinn Davis

Want to reap the benefits of our services? Give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Contact Us

111 North Market Street, Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95113

Office: 408-224-1400

Working Together
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